Open Air Cinema ΘΗΣΕΙΟΝ
Overlooking the illuminated Acropolis


When does the cinema operate?

CineTHISION is an open air cinema and as such does not operate during the winter season. Operation start depends on whether conditions. Usually we begin showing during the last week of April or first week of May and end around the end of October. We update our screening times on our website and our social media. If you do not find any official information, it means that we cannot yet tell when we will be opening.

Where, when and how can I find the screening schedule?

The screenings are posted on our website as well as our social media accounts at least a few days before it begins screening in our cinema. Also, on the boxoffice you will be reacing a free printed schedule of upcoming movies that will be playing in cineTHISION. Finally, during operation, you can call us at (+30)2103470980.

What are the ticket prices?

You can find out about ticket prices on the website. Prices are announced at the same time as the start of each new season.

Can I book seats - tickets?

At cineTHISION there are no reservations for seats - tickets, because we remain traditional, because the capacity of the cinema is very large and because all the seats are in a good location. If you arrive about 30 minutes before the screening time you will buy your tickets comfortably, even in the extremely popular movies. Also, if you are earlier than the start of the screening, you can go through the first ones in the cinema and find the place you like best, although they all have excellent visual contact with the screen and the surrounding area, due to its sloping floor.

How can I get to the cinema?

Our full address is:
Apostolou Pavlou 7, Thisio 11851 Athens

You can access us easily from the Thissio Metro stations (about 10 minutes walk to the cinema) and the Acropolis (about 20 minutes walk to the cinema)

Can people with mobility problems and disabilities come to the cinema?

Of course, people with mobility problems and disabilities come to cineTHISION and we provide the best possible service. Even if they use a wheelchair they can enter the cinema from the entrance on the left of the box office, from which access is unimpeded and we will take them to the point where they can comfortably watch the movie. It should be noted, however, that unfortunately we do not have a toilet specifically designed for wheelchairs, as the urban planning rules of the area and the fact that the cinema facilities have been judged as a listed building do not allow us to make any intervention.

I ride a bicycle. Where can I safely leave it to watch the movie?

We are glad that you love the bike as much as we do! If you arrive about 30 minutes before the start of the screening, you can put your bike in the cinema and park it at the place we will suggest. If you are late and arrive at the time people enter or after the movie has started, or if you do not want to put your bike in the place we will indicate inside the cinema, you can park it and secure it by locking it somewhere just outside the cinema. There is a comfortable space next to the cinema and we are on a central and busy pedestrian street, Apostolou Pavlou in Thiseio. In any case, of course we are not responsible for the safety of your bike, which you should take care of yourself as you always do.